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Leonie has spent over 20 years writing music, for a long time she performed her original compositions with a band called 'Rae' but 8 years ago she branched out and started 'Collaborations Volume 1' inviting 9 different groups of musician from across the uk to Collaborate on a song each, taking the skeleton of a song to each group then allowing them complete freedom to fine tune the songs

This album was a great success and each concert on the launch tour was in the same spirit as the album, with a different band for each concert (see Soundcloud recordings) and it received Radio play on BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio 3 & BBC Radio 6 multiple times.


Then for 3 years she travelled all over the world and 'Collaborations Volume 2' was recorded in New Orleans, Los Angeles, England & France.  (OUT NOW)

Despite the fact that Leonie had to release the album during Lockdown and cancel the original album launch tour it's also had great success and had plenty of plays on the same BBC Radio shows and France's FIP Radio multiple times.

This year Leonie is working on 'Collaborations Volume 3' as well as her debut solo album where she'll experiment with layering many instruments and producing it herself.

BBC Radio 6 Live session - Sweet lotus BlossomLeonie Evans


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