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As well as composing her own music Leonie has been invited to be a vocalist, guitarist, percussionist or drummer for the likes of Abel Selaocoe (BBC Proms 2021), Alabaster Deplume, C.W. Stoneking, Erika Lewis, Horse Eyed Men, Garance Louis, Adam Beattie, Brooke Sharkey, Sam Doores, Sabine McCalla, Cocos Lovers, Cloudshoes, Dubi Dolczek, Honeyfeet, Yama warashi and many other as well as 7 months performing as part of the house band with Giffords Circus 2022 show ¡CARPA! receiving special mentions in reviews of the show


"A big shout out must go to Leonie Evans for her fast paced Spanish vocals, truly an awesome performance" - To do list London

"Standout performer has to be Leonie Evans with her vocals, guitar, bass and virtuoso mouth trumpet performances. ¡Bravo! " - great british life

















She's also been a session vocalist or had samples of her voice used by Patrick Mcchale, Blasting company, Alabaster Deplume, Amorpheous Androgenous, Syd Arthur (Remix album), Jackson and the Janks, Chewy She and many more as shown in the gallery above


For more information regarding hiring Leonie for session work or lessons get in touch through the contact page.

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And on top of all of that, Leonie also has a passion for old Jazz, Blues, Country & Gospel music and it's History. Over the years she's sat in with hundreds of bands and travels to New Orleans most years to learn from the best.

She's played And guested with groups such as Tuba Skinny, Honky Tonk Sail, Blue Mockingbirds, Blind Boy Paxton, California Feetwarmers, Holy Crow Jazz Band, Frog & Henry, Meredith Axelrod, Jazz Cannibals, Kansas Smittys, Man Overboard, Cakewalk cafe orchestra, Ragtime Nightmare and many more as well as countless amounts of solo and duo concerts.

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