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in addition to leonie's original compositions and the Jazz scene Leonie has been invited to be a backing vocalist, guitarist, percussionist or drummer for the likes of C.W. Stoneking, Horse Eyed Men, Garance Louis, Adam Beattie, Brooke Sharkey, Eric Robertson, Jackson & the Janks, Sam Doores, Sabrina McCalla, Pony Hunt, Jonathon Henley, Cocos Lovers, Cloudshoes, Dubi Dolczek, Honeyfeet, Yama warashi and many more. 


She's also been a session vocalist or had samples of her voice used by Alabaster Deplume, Amorpheous Androgenous, Do Re Mi, Syd Arthur (Remix album), Super Ska & Blasting Company.


for more information regarding hiring leonie for session work or lessons get in touch through the contact page.

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