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Leonie has spent almost 20 years writing music, for a long time she performed her original compositions with a band called 'Rae' (see links) but 4 years ago she branched out and started 'Collaborations Volume 1' inviting 9 different groups of musician from across the uk to Collaborate on a song each, taking the skeleton of a song to each group then allowing them complete freedom to fine tune the songs


This album was a great success and each concert on the launch tour was in the same spirit as the album, Leonie had a different group of musicians support her for each concert (see soundcloud recordings) and it received Radio play on BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio 3 & BBC Radio 6 multiple times. 

In the past 3 years she's been travelling all over the world and 'Collaborations Volume 2' was recorded in New Orleans, Los Angeles, England & France. (OUT NOW)

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